0.1.6 (2013-03-27)

  • [bug] Add .ini to [Domen Kožar]

0.1.5 (2013-03-27)

  • [feature] Refactor the package a bit, so it’s easier to package it for Linux distributions [Domen Kožar]
  • [bug] Update so all files are included in release [Domen Kožar]
  • [bug] Add new and pin down zc.buildout version to avoid upgrading zc.buildout to 2.0 [Domen Kožar]
  • [feature] Add apache2 configuration example [Iban]

0.1.4 (2013/03/23)

  • brownbag release

0.1.3 (2012/08/27)

  • [bug] upgraded doctutils as it was failing buildout [Domen Kožar]
  • removed some dependencies on production, upgraded zc.buildout to 1.6.3 for faster installation [Domen Kožar]
  • determine version from distribution metadata [Domen Kožar]

0.1.2 (2012/05/31)

  • [bug] interactive installer would swallow error message when SQL connection string was not formatted correctly
  • [bug]: #7: don’t word wrap size columns
  • [feature] add manual install steps
  • [bug] #4: client detail page did not render if client had no successful backup
  • [bug] #5: correctly parse scheduled jobs (choked on Admin job)
  • [feature] use python2.7 or python2.6, otherwise abort installation

0.1.1 (2012/04/18)

  • [bug] fix support for postgresql 9.1 [Domen Kožar]
  • [feature] add reboot crontab for almir daemon [Domen Kožar]
  • [bug] MySQL database size calculation was wrong, sometimes crashing the dashboard [Domen Kožar]
  • [bug] console command list was not ordered and search box was not shown [Domen Kožar]
  • [bug] bconsole did not accept non-asci input [Domen Kožar]

0.1 (2012/04/06)

  • Initial version [Domen Kožar]

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